I am a dreamer

- cut grass - waves - ocean breeze - driftwood - deserts - lighthouses - the world after a snow fall - green meadows - wood chips from my dad's workshop - doors and windows - the smell of the forest after the rain - moss and leaves - mushrooms and truffles - spring, fall and winter seasons - roasted veggies, pumpkin and chestnuts - single malts by a fire - fresh air - sand and shells - stones and pebbles - leather - linen - cashmere - wood - shadows and reflections - cats - le nounours - silent and old movies - photography - freedom -
The random things I love.

"I intend to live forever. So far, so good!"- Steven Wright


Bernal by Jacobo Zanella on Flickr.

Bernal by Jacobo Zanella on Flickr.

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  • Mar 15, 2012
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      Yum. Can’t wait for the new term to start and to get my hands all tangled up in some weaving.
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      For those of you who do not recognize this it is a loom. You are looking down on the warp threads. The vertical threads...
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